Chronicles of a wedding(s)…

Weddings are overrated nowadays. Perhaps, over, overrated. Generally people are excited of weddings because of the beautiful settings and ambience it exudes, and happiness just oozes out of everyone regardless of whom and how they are to the whole affair. Just have a look at the wedding photos; they all look so radiant with eternal bliss, right?

But are they really what they seem? Honestly, all that pearly smiles and picture perfect poses, are they genuine? And most importantly, do they come free?

A few chance encounters with a couple of friends, colleagues and cousins recently in the wedding fever just shot me out of the roof. In fact, I was feeling sense of déjà vu all over again and again and again and again and…

Cost is one issue, in fact, cost is THE issue for most; it was never a trivial matter in any wedding. While cost is more of a planning matter and requires a clear and logical thinking, there are many other matters which require more and more of human compassion and sympathy.

Why sympathy, you ask?

Well, the most pitiful people in most of the weddings today are the bride and groom. I personally believe in this wholeheartedly without a flinch of doubt. Partly by experience and most of the times, it is what I see around; the bride and groom suffer the most in every aspect when the talk of marriage comes up in our society. Though not all (I’m being careful here), but most of our elders firmly believe that they have the final say in deciding our life, and that includes the color of our wedding outfit up to the desserts in the menu. If the inlaw says it’s green, the whole town has to be painted in green (bottle green, that is). If the bride’s mother insists a concert in the name of reception, it better be a rocking event.

So with everyone to please around, what does the poor couple end up in the end?

Broke, maybe.

Exhausted, yes.

Fed up, definitely.

Disillusioned, most.

Sick to the point vomiting, why not?

A friend of mine nearly called off the wedding because she could not handle the stress the family were putting on the couple. In fact, she did call off the wedding, but the family simply ignored it as one of HER whims on being a BRIDEZILLA!!

Well, that is the problem with most people (read: families) when it comes to weddings.

We meet someone, we fall in love, and we decide to marry each other to spend the rest of our life together.

But the period between this decision towards the actual wedding day is most crucial in any relationship. I would say it is the deciding factor of your relationship; whether you want, and whether you can, actually continue being in the relationship until and after the grand day.

All that said, of course there are good weddings, where nothing goes wrong and everything is picture perfect in reality. A land where people are genuinely nice, with pearly smiles and dummy cakes don’t exist. I’m just unsure of the door to that dimension.

What you think of weddings nowadays?

Are they overrated, or do you say that weddings have always been that way?