About a hug

hugs hugs hugs…


photochonuIt’s cold these days, and Re and I are enjoying our cuddles under the razai. He is a hugger, and we end up hugging and kissing a lot. Each day when I drop him to his class, we have to exchange our mandatory five hugs and five kisses, and every time I cheat, or rush it, he reminds me, “We are not done yet, mamma!”

Hugging was never part of my DNA. My family doesn’t do hugs. I never noticed it until I went to my best friend Tina’s house when I was 10. Her mother extended her arms in a hug as soon as she saw me. “Tina can’t stop talking about you, it’s so nice to finally see you,” she said. I also noticed that her mother wore lipstick at home, and wondered how her hair was all in place even though she had just emerged from the…

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