Tiny tales again…

She planted the seed and waited
The glory came years later
Dreams shattered, blood spilled, family broken.

The hatred was evident in the eyes; running in the veins
Gushed through each and every pore
The first uttered word was for disaster,
Entire kingdom gone, whole nation wept.

The girl laughed at him,
It was the wrong time, and wrong place
Little did they both know, they both changed the course of nation.

The yards kept coming
The thugs kept pulling
The promise was made
The imminent disaster is near.

Heartless thug shamed her
Blinded king was helpless
Even gods sat and watched
Why blame the lady then?

Fated things happen as planned
A mouthful of curse was thrown
The men gone down
Behold lady, you have achieved your destiny.

The strongest was tricked
Kindness paid for revenge
Righteous one got deluded
Innocence lost their cause
We call this ‘ VICTORY’.