Of Marriageable Age by Sharon Maas


This is yet another book which made me feel so much, so deeply and intense. Note that my sentence is quite incomplete; I couldn’t find any vocabulary to match the emotions I went through while reading this book.

Unrequited love, family bonding, interracial love, diaspora, coming of age; almost all the themes present in the story managed to make me sad, sometimes bitter and most of the times, hopeful.

The main characters in the story: Savitri, Natraj and Saroj. The chapters take turn to speak about them, moving back and forth across 3 generations and continents.

Every time I turn a page, I would simply hope that something better would become of the characters. Especially for Savitri; I sincerely hoped that she would meet her love in the end. I still wish that her character never ended in the way it did.

But then there’s Saroj and Natraj, connected from a distant past which could either unite or destroy them both, and all the people around them claiming their lives as their own.

Though there is one part of love that was found in the end, and the author did end the book with a positive note, I couldn’t help but wish for something better of the characters.

This is a book which made me feel so, very sad, page after page was proof of love that is all wrong, ill-fated lovers in the hope of a chance to be together, and I find myself constantly praying for them.

This is a book which constantly made me to look at it, whenever I enter my reading room; but I would never reach for a second read.

Note: I found that the author has written some other amazing novels and collection of short stories as well. I might start looking for them; in the meantime, if you have read any of them, do let me know if it’s recommended.