Habits and (personal) choices: do I explain them to anyone?

And it goes like this…

I find it rather tiring sometimes to explain on some personal choices to people in general.

Why do you watch foreign language films?

Why do I listen to Arabic songs when I don’t understand a single word they sing? (Or, I should add, I don’t know if they ARE singing).

How come I l can take Mexican food but rather deviate from Italian (just food, please!)?

When was the last time I had my eyebrows done?

Seriously, do these entire things really matter to people in general? Why would anyone be interested in my hair-removing sessions when there are so many interesting, important, interesting (yes, I know it’s a repeat) things are happening out there?

Not that I take offence at these questions, as most people are kind of hilarious at their “genuine” concern on others’ social habits. And then there are some people whom can be really pretty annoying at this. I consider them serial mood killers and annoying antagonists of my otherwise perfect cake of a life. Chocolate, cheese, cake.

But then, to think again, I can actually write up a number of theses on these people. This kind of people would make excellence samples for anthropology-based researches, right?

What would actually run in their mind when they look at my unruly eyebrow, or sans-makeup face at a social event, or my lack of involvement in Facebook and my refusal to communicate with the rest of the world via Whatsapp? Seriously, I’m dead curious now.

Their habit of questioning every single action of mine forces me to create countless excuses to revert. Then, the entire conversation changes into a debate, between me – representing me, myself and I, and s/he- representing the rest of the world (because everyone does the thing that I don’t, you see).

And it goes like this…

Well, I never questioned anyone for waxing any part of their body, or changing the vehicle for every other year, or if anyone bothers on what the fast food joint is feeding the entire world. No, I don’t question them.

So what, or who, gives the authority for people and public in general to question your personal mode of communication and your taste of literature, and your inclination towards certain delicacy and music?

I’m really curious now.

If there is any thesis/idea/research made on this issue, I’d like to read it.

P/S: the italic line in between was due to my inclination towards Maroon 5 (yeah, not Adam Levine) and their Moves Like Jagger at the moment of writing this post.