REVIEW: Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in Pink Truffle

Hello to all gorgeous out there. I believe in makeup, and i think it should complement you as who you actually are, not change you to another person. Does that make any sense? Nevermind if it doesn’t. The heat is surely getting to me.

So today my ranting and raving will be about my beloved Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in Pink Truffle.

I absolutely love her; the colour, its creamy texture and the glow it gives to my face, and oh, the sturdy pot the product comes in, I find quite classy to carry it around.

I have rather dry skin so powder blush is not my thing, thus this cream blush is really a blessing for me. The pigmentation is decent and you can build up the color as you wish. One thing though, I find it looks better on the cheeks than on the lips. Somehow the colour tends to appear a bit darker on my lips, and also a bit drying. But then again, I have desert for a lip as well, so the fault could be entirely from my end.

I love the way the colour shows on my skin; I wear it in the morning for a fresh, dewy look, and at night you can pair it with smokey eyes for an edgy effect. Or just play around with the colours as you wish, after all it is makeup we are talking about, ladies.  

I’m somewhat medium fair, and the colour suits me pretty decent. Then, an olive-skinned friend of mine also tried this missy in pot on her face and voila! It looks fabulous on her too.

One more thing I love about this darling is that the amount you get for the price…seriously a lot!! I have been using this pot for about a year now, and it’s nowhere near the finishing line…hmm.
About the scent, it’s supposedly fragrance-free but I find this weird kind of ‘greeny’ smell on the product. It is like if you tear a leaf and smell it…but I’m okay with it, doesn’t bother me much as long it’s not something sweet or fruity smell (nope, not a fan of fragrance in makeup/beauty products).

So in all I shall sum it up for you the pros and cons…

-Decent pigmentation
-A lot of product for the price
-Fragrance free
-Nice, sturdy pot
-Absolutely gorgeous colour

-A bit on the pricey side (but then, it’s Bobbi Brown, sigh…)
-Tend to dry on the surface, but softens immediately the moment you touch them
-Staying power- not really long, it stays abut 3-4 hours, after which the colour just fades off beautifully.
-Can be pretty unhygienic if you have to apply them with your fingers. I know many are not fond of sticking their fingers in paints and pots…I’m okay using my finger for this but not for lip balms though. So if you have any qualms here, there are other alternatives.

Would I purchase this item again?

Yes, but not the same color though. I’d like to try some other colors.

Rating: 4.5/5, -0.5 for I can’t finish them anytime soon, hence stopping me from getting another…wicked, I know.

Till then, stay beautiful.