MILLS & BOONS/ Romance in the air

My most recent ramblings have been about some trust issues and other relationships matters which are as constant as the sun and stars in the sky. You can’t live with them, and you won’t live without them. My idea of solving them is just to avoid them, plain and simple. Sweep them under the carpet and meditate so that they just disappear into thin air. And yes, it works almost all the time.

Back to my sweet life (if I don’t count the painful traffic I had to endure every single day), yeah, life is good. A couple of crazy friends who memorize each and every wicked line from your favorite comedy show, and quote them freely throughout the day, and knows exactly when to call for a tea break while you are typing away at 1500 words/minute on your PC…aren’t they a blessing in one’s life?

Things have been very constant, which is a good sign for a Taurean like me. Believe me, the only other thing that is more constant than a Taurean is the sun rising from the east, or the feel good romance books you get from Mills and Boons.

Whoa, where am I getting to? This is serious rambling, folks. This is what happens when you quit coffee and try meditating on plain water in hopes of turning them into coffee.

Back to rambling, I have been a good gal and pledged on GOODREADS to read at least 30 books by mid-year. It does sound lame and childish for a book-a- holic like me to commit for this number (yeah, why am I even announcing this online, you may ask) but given the amount of ridiculous time I spend on the road, and then to run after my little one, as well as to juggle between a full time job and being a (good, J) housewife as well, leisure time is a great but also scarce luxury for me. But I try my best to do things I love and bring joy to me personally, and reading is one of them.

As I have mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I have caught on reading more regularly since last year, and I intend to continue that. Hence, I took the challenge on GOODREADS. Thanks to Aman, a fellow blogger and book-lover for the idea.

I am now 3 books ahead of my challenge, and the feeling is great. Every now and then when I am not in the mood for heavy or serious reading, I switch to M&B/Harlequin books, where the men are always, I repeat, ALWAYS, tall, dark, handsome and rich, and they are good in everything they do…ehm. And the women are always lovely. Period.

I started on them at the tender age of 15, and the love is still there, fresh and warm, like a hot cinnamon bun on a rainy day. Rambling again… A sweet constant in my life, they are always there no matter what happens. The love, drama, romance, lust, whatever a gal needs…

Naturally, I have stacks of these romance novels of all categories, safely wrapped with love on my shelf.

To all romance maniacs and book lovers, me wishing a very Happy Valentines Day.


All hail M&B-Harlequin.