Teeny ramblings -Part 5 : A Tribute to Comfort Food.

He was nudging and tempting
Forceful and flamboyant
Dangerous, yet wickedly sweet
Most passionate lover
Yet my worst enemy

The last time I had him in me
It was a sweet and sensual affair
He appeared drained
and I was satiated
Then I dumped him,
Bye-bye, Rice.

The temptation was strong
Blinded with passion and desire
I succumbed to his advances
Addicted myself to him
No turning back, ever
My morning coffee.

You are twisted beyond words
Yet so good to my senses
Deeper the dip goes
The higher my urges climb
I’m ruined for you
Pretzels in Chocolate?

You, the sensitive one
The one with cold demeanor
But soft core,
My companion through pain and joy
The loyal doormat
Too bad, you don’t last a day, Ice Cream.