This is a review on the first book from the SHIVA TRILOGY by Amish Tripathi.

I finished reading the book in few days, and immediately started with the second one in the trilogy.This is a superbly crafted tale of Lord Shiva, with the right amount of myth, science,humor, suspense, love, – everything it takes to become a national bestseller.

I enjoyed this book immensely because I love myths and tales very, very deeply. Also, the characters are portrayed so vividly that you can almost see them walking around you. That is the kind of feeling I sensed while reading this book. It gave me such immeasurable pleasure that I do not mind staying up late and catching very little sleep before dashing off to work (with the book in my bag, of course).

The descriptions on the effectiveness of ancient kingdoms are simply breathtaking, the author really created heaven on Earth in describing the greatness of the land and its beauty. Even the darkest of forces are given the respect they deserve, with the due reasons.

OK, so who is Shiva here, and what is his role in this story?

He comes to Meluha as a foreign warrior, captures Sati’s heart and eventually marries her. But that is only the very beginning of an epic journey.

Shiva, in the book is depicted as a cool dude, smokes marijuana with his best friend, Bhadra, cursing for the slightest cause and finds humor in the systematic living way of Meluha.

Then, he is also the Lord Neelkanth (the one with blue throat), the destroyer of Evil, and divined savior of a deeply troubled nation.

But what defines Evil? Who is Evil? It is a person? How do you find them?

Most importantly, how does a simple man from a foreign tribe inherits such an enormous karma which is destined to change, and, save a nation in distress?

These are just some of the questions Shiva asks, and not to mention his constant irritation and confusion on people’s obsession with his blue throat,:).

Siva and Sati’s love in the book is another major plus point for me. The troubles that Sati endured, her past, and how Shiva comes in as a comfort for her is astounding. Most of the times, Shiva is the one providing more love, comfort and affection towards Sati. Sati, being a Meluhan princess, is often on guard of her feelings, and rarely displays her emotion in public. So how did they get married? 🙂 🙂 🙂

Shiva too, on the other hand, is a man with a troubled past. He is often at tears, has wild nightmares and often finds himself at crossroads when it comes to decision making, because of his past.

I like the flow of the story, the journey of Shiva from one tribe to another, discovering everything that he should, is crafted very neatly. As the end of book approaches, the story continues gracefully into book #2, with even more intrigue, deadly battles and mind-blowing revelations!

P/S: I’m almost done with the second book now, part of me is telling me to slow down and savour the book, but it is simply, plain impossible. Sigh.