Of Diwali list and wishful thinking…

Here I am with another list of wishful thinking, special edition for the upcoming festival of lights, which is actually, err, tomorrow. As much as I try to live in the moment, it is seriously hard not to be overwhelmed by the festival which comes only once a year, and then you have to wait another 365 days to feel it all over again.

So I plan to celebrate, and enjoy each of my 13 (yes, 13!) days of leave thoroughly so that I don’t regret anything later once the holiday is over. I have to admit, since my pregnancy and then came along my son, though I enjoyed all the experiences so much, and as much as i found so much love and joy in motherhood, my life did take a backseat, and motherhood does sometimes mean being thrown at the backburner for no apparent reason.

It has been 3 years exactly that I haven’t got the chance to visit my favorite places for a short trip, or even a week long break for the festive season. I never got the chance to wear a decent mehendi on my hand for my sister’s wedding, because I need my hands in perfectly usable condition at all times to take care of my toddler. The list could go on, some may call it sacrifice, which is sweet, but sometimes it is purely heartbreaking when most of these self-proclaimed sacrifices are more of a self-inflicted torture we shower upon ourselves in the name of motherhood.

Enough of my lamenting, these are the things on my list for this festive season:

1) I want to get mehendi on my hands for this Diwali, by any means. Even if it means anything or whatever, I’m determined to get it done. I just love the design and the feel of having something so beautiful crafted on your hands, to me, it brings out the happy sentiment on the auspicious day.

2) I’m making a traditional cake for the occasion on my own. This is something I have never done before, and my knowledge of preparing traditional cakes and sweets are limited to arranging them on a plate once they are ready to be eaten. So this year, I plan to do something (I haven’t discovered which cake will be the easiest to prepare) and wow all my family members with my determination.

3) I’m taking the much loved and needed short trip to Ipoh, my old man’s hometown. Being a KL-ite, i never had a hometown to go back to. But Ipoh is a place I love and adore for its food and lots of childhood memories, not to mention, I still have lots of relatives there as well. It has been 3 years (backburner, again) since I last went there, and had the best Chee Cheong Fun ever in the whole wide world! So this holiday, I’m making that trip back to my childhood memories.

4) More of family time of course! Having a long break means there will be more gatherings, cooking and eating definitely, but I also plan to spend lots and lots of time with my toddler, and to spoil him a little bit as I am the strict parent at home, my other half being the lenient one.

Of course the list above is not in order of specific importance, but the mehendi thingy is somewhat taking a lot of planning (devious ones) in my mind. I will work it out somehow, there’s ample time before tomorrow morning.

Now, one last trip to the store; dearest hubby is not done with his shopping yet!